Canine Museum Foundation Inc     26th  Championship Show   12 April 2015

General Specials Judge: Mr T Touzel(Can)                                                                  864 dogs


Group 1         Judge: Mrs K Sneath(Vic)

119     Best in Group, Junior in Group: Ms L Beckley’s Maltese:

                                                                   Vahlia Pizzazz N Style                DSC_0891

105     Runner-up in Group, Intermediate in Group: L McArthur & M Barras’

                                                Japanese Chin: Aust Ch Kiseki Tadasi               DSC_0879


Group 2        Judge: Mr J Marshall(Vic)

343    Best in Group, Australian Bred in Group, Runner-up in Show,

                                      Australian Bred in Show: Mrs C Scotton’s

                                      Cairn Terrier: Aust Ch Joymont Top Of The Town      DSC_1070

201     Runner-up in Group, Open  in Group: A & M Mann’s

                                                          Jack Russell Terrier: Blazeaway Banquo  DSC_0789


Group 3        Judge: Mr T Touzel(Can)

476    Best in Group, Intermediate in Group, Best in Show, Intermediate in Show:

                                                Mr J Moore & Ms E Joseph’s Gordon Setter:   

                                                          Aust Ch Triseter Celtic Playboy(AI)       DSC_1059

358?   Runner-up in Group, Open in Group: M Scott & T Atkinson’s

                                      Irish Setter: Aust Ch Rhiannon One For The Money    DSC_0954


Group 4        Judge: Mr K Prior(Vic)

476    Best in Group, Open in Group: J J & L J Black’s  

                   Dachshund(Long Haired): Am Gr & Aust Sup Ch Briarmist Bushranger        DSC_0836

465    Runner-up in Group: Mr S, Mr G & Mrs R Barden’s Borzoi:

                                                          Aust Sup Ch Kenibea Murphys Law(AI)   DSC_0818

488    Baby Puppy in Group: Mr & Mrs T Clarkson’s

                                      Dachshund(miniature Smooth): Millewa Rosie Lass       DSC_0858

511     Minor Puppy in Group, Xilone Kennels’ Greyhound:

                                                                    Xilone Absolutely Fabulous(AI)    DSC_0824

388    Puppy in Group: Mrs W Boce’s Basset Hound:

                                                                   Wenbrook Only Haveyes For You  DSC_0829

554    Junior in Group: P More & P Griffith’s Whippet: Byerley Maticevski           DSC_0844

469    Intermediate in Group: Ahsatan Kennels’ Borzoi:         Ahsatan Lyric                             DSC_0870

461     Australian Bred in Group: Clovelly Kennels’ Borzoi        :

                                                         Ch Clovelly Viscount Victorious              DSC_0854


Group 5        Judge: Mr A Price(Vic)

604    Best in Group, Open in Group: Mr C & Mrs S Moore , Mr J Moore’s

                                                                   Old English Sheepdog:                                                                 Aust Sup. Am  Ch Barkshire’s Captain America(Imp USA)      DSC_0987

626    Runner-up in Group: Mrs E Lasry’s Shetland Sheepdog:

                                                Can Ch Grandgables Just Flaunt It(Imp Can)    DSC_0705

602    Junior in Group: Mr C & Mrs S Moore , Mr J Moore’s

                                      Old English Sheepdog: Perfu Winter Soldier               DSC_0721


Group 6        Judge: Mr K Lovell(Vic)

733    Best in Group, Open in Group: Ms T Lane’s Rottweiler::                                                                                                          Aust Ch Clyzan Speak No Evil(AI)           DSC_1014

751     Runner-up in Group: K Micke & K O’Riley’s Samoyed:

                                                Aust Ch Lunasea My Captain My Cool(AI)                   DSC_0742


Group 7        Judge: Ms A Lenne(Vic)

843    Best in Group, Open  in Group: Mrs J Sculac’s Poodle(Miniature)                                                                         Aust Ch Michandy Striking Midnight(Imp UK)             DSC_0989

848    Runner-up in Group, Intermediate in Group: Sintee Kennels’  Poodle(Toy):

                                                                             Sintee The Tempest           DSC_0777


Sally Stasytis

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(If you have any missing pictures or would like to replace the ones I found please email them to the webmaster)

Year – 2014

Winner                 Aust/Am Gr Ch Rhapsody's Regarding Henry (Imp USA)

Breed                   Maltese
Owner                  W. Warke & C. Emerson
Judge                    Ms. N. Vzhyshenevska (China)

Year – 2013

Winner                 Aust & Eng Ch Rozamie Moulin Rouge (Imp UK)

Breed                   Papillon
Owner                  David & Stephanie Rickard
Judge                    Mrs. S. Mashford


Year – 2012

Winner                 Aust Sup Ch Chimo Roll Of The Dice

Breed                   Alaskan Malamute
Owner                  Tonya Syme & Michelle Watson
Judge                    Mr. E. Boxhall

Year – 2011

Winner                 Grand Ch Melloway Making Wav

Breed                   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Owner                  W & J Egan & J & J weeks
Judge                    Mrs.
L. Black

Year – 2010

Winner                 Grand Ch Balkana Two Thumbs Up

Breed                   Australian Silky Terrier
Owner                  Mr J W Camac
Judge                    Mrs. E. Benson (NSW)

Year – 2009

Winner                 Gr. Ch. Can. Ch. Grandgables Hometown Hero (Imp USA)

Breed                    Shetland Sheepdog
Owner                  Mrs E Lasry
Judge                    Mrs. E. Benson (NSW)

Year – 2008

Winner                 Aust Ch. Anican Weapon X
Breed                    American Staffordshire Terrier
Owner                  Miss K. Wilson
Judge                    Mrs. M. Joyce (VIC)

Year – 2007

Winner                 NZ Ch. Robwyn Dreams are Free (Imp NZ)
Breed                    Pointer
Owner                  P Robinson, G Browne & T Atkinson
Judge                    Mr. E. Soti (SA)

Year – 2006

Winner                 INT/H/HS/DT World Ch Agra Xander
Breed                    Fox Terrier Wire
Owner                  Goodwin & Luytens
Judge                    Mr. T. Syme (VIC)


Year – 2005

Winner                 Aust Ch. Pampard Parisian Prince
Breed                    Dalmation
Owner                  Mr.  I Marshall
Judge                    Mr. K. Klap (TAS)

Year – 2004

Winner                 Gr. Ch. Homerbrent Democrat (Imp UK)
Breed                    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Owner                  Egan & Weekes
Judge                    Mr. W. Stevenson (NSW)

Year – 2003

Winner                 Gr. Ch. Chekita Timesless Winds
Breed                    Siberian Husky
Owner                  Lihuk Kennels
Judge                    Mr. R. Mushet (VIC)

Year – 2002

Winner                 GR. CH. Illahee Might and Power
Breed                    Siberian Husky
Owner                  Mrs C. Fisher
Judge                    Mr. E. Soti (SA)

Year – 2001

Winner                 Aust. Ch. Merrilyn Man O Man
Breed                   Beagle
Owner                  Mrs C. Nance & Mr. D. Quinievan
Judge                    Mr. P. Nordstrom (NSW)


Year – 2000

Winner                 Aust. Ch. Bouvet Seamus
Breed                    Newfoundland
Owner                  Macqueen & Kelly
Judge                    Mr. B. Marquette (NSW)

Year – 1999

Winner                 Gr. Ch. Kiavu Air Jordan
Breed                    Afghan Hound

Owner                  Mr. & Mrs. C Hamilton
Judge                    Mr. S. Thompson (VIC)


Year – 1998

Winner                 Aust Ch. Irishmoor Ketari (AI)
Breed                    Irish Setter
Owner                  V. Grays
Judge                    Mr. T. Fitzgerald (VIC)


Year – 1997

Winner                 Aust Ch. Liebendane Baby Grand (AI)
Breed                    Great Dane
Owner                  Ms D. McCrre
Judge                    Mrs. K. Klap (TAS)


Year – 1996

Winner                 Aust. Ch. Grauhund Night Moves
Breed                    Weimaraner
Owner                  Grauhund Kennels

Judge                    Mrs. L. Norman (VIC)

Year – 1995

Winner                 Kiavu Air Jordan
Breed                    Afghan Hound

Owner                  Pope & Hamilton
Judge                    Mr. K. Kasiwagi (Japan)


Year – 1994

Winner                 Aust. Ch. & NZ. Ch. Cordmaker Kormos Cigany
Breed                    Hungarian Puli

Owner                  Mrs S. Huebner
Judge                    Mrs. G. Johnson (NSW)


Year – 1993

Winner                 Aust. Ch. Marsden Tepipers Son
Breed                    Standard Poodle
Owner                  Mr. I. Hinde
Judge                    Mr. G. Sharman (QLD)


Year – 1992

Winner                 Aust. Ch. Taraglen Spellbinder
Breed                    Irish Setter
Owner                  B.  & Mrs A Hocking
Judge                    Mr. K. Kasiwagi (Japan)


Year – 1991

Winner                 Aust. Ch. Dobrana Divine Harmony
Breed                    Bichon Freeze
Owner                  Mr.  & Mrs P Eerden
Judge                    Mr. F. Braun (USA)


Year – 1990

Winner                 Aust. Ch. Marsden Jack Spratt
Breed                    Standard Poodle
Owner                  Mr. I. Hinde
Judge                    Mr. E. Boxall (VIC)