The Canine Museum Foundation was founded in 1988 and on the first of January 1990 the Foundation became a full affiliate of the Kennel Control Council (now the Victorian Canine Association).

On the 15th Nov 2003 the doors to the Canine Museum where officially opened

 The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a trusteeship for the safe keeping of canine artefacts and memorabilia as well as articles, records and objects of art for future generations of dog lovers.

To this purpose it will:

(a) Actively seek and receive artistically and historically significant objects and information and safely store them for posterity.

(b) Publicise the Canine Museum Foundation and its objectives nationally.

(c) Through the range of activities available to its members, finance the development of a Museum. building.

The Foundation further accepts the ongoing responsibility of maintaining and staffing the museum and conserving its contents.  The Foundation will be ongoing in its collecting responsibility and in so doing will actively promote interest in and respect for canine art and history throughout the nation.

The Canine Museum Foundation (Inc) look forward to the continued support of the canine fraternity and we hope we can welcome you to our museum in the near future.